"Serious Art for funny People"
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Quatschkopp (German dialect)  [ˈkvaʧˌkɔpp]

colloquially: person who talks a lot of nonsense

> Shut up, you Quatschkopp!
> You do not have to take it so seriously, he is a Quatschkopp that talks a lot when the day is long.
> All Quatschkopp's heads up there, they should do something instead of just talking.

And that's why Quatschkoppdsgns does not just want to talk nonsense, but to bring the funniest and most extraordinary things to life with a pen and a piece of paper. Quatschkoppdsgns specializes in funny comic drawings that will make young and old laugh, but also on typographic masterpieces that can be both ironic or serious.

Limitation does not belong in the vocabulary of a Quatschkopp. That's why art can polarize. This is quite deliberate and stimulates those brainwraps that are so quickly faded out in the
black and white thinking of everyday life.

"At heart an artist, a jack of all trades thinking."

That's why I've been drawing since my childhood and I'm sure I will not stop it. The digital world opens up possibilities for me that I would never have dared to dream in times with paper and pencil only. From the Quatschkopp headquarters, my influences are now pouring into the world.

So keep on believing that #artworkisheartwork,


A Journey to another World Art Drawing
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